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According To Jeremy Hogan, Ripple Lawsuit Might Be Attractive In The Next Months

The Ripple-SEC Lawsuit Might Get Even More Compulsive in the Upcoming Months

The following months might get interesting regarding the Ripple lawsuit. U.S. attorney Jeremy Hogan states that the Ripple-SEC lawsuit might soon get even more compulsive. The lawsuit against this blockchain company is experiencing major changes in its regulations. Thus, the next months might be attractive for this new Ripple lawsuit. In a recent Twitter post, Hogan indicated that this new ruling was one significant takeaway from the recent order by Judge Torres. 

Following more on Twitter threads, the crypto law founder John Deaton described the new rules about the Ripple lawsuit and what they could mean. On the other hand, defense counsel James K.Filan had previously informed the XRP community of the latest updates. Concerning this, Judge Torres ordered the unsealing of three documents. These documents are related to the emails and legal memos of Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse.

Moreover, the new ruling partially approved and refused Ripple defendants’ petitions. They took this decision in order to seal various evidence of prior motions.

An email to Larsen and legal notes to Ripple will be resolved by Judge Torres. The reasoning behind this action is that Torres identifies sealing as “unjustified.” Garlinghouse, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to redact three documents. The goal is to keep sensitive information safe and make public some documents filed by both sides. In conclusion, Torres will offer Ripple a chance to respond to the SEC’s recent request, which is throwing out the fair notice defense.

The Lawsuit Didn’t Affect Ripple As Much As Previously Thought

Recently, Ripple has announced its strategic alliance with Modulr. In short, Modulr is a significant supplier of payment solutions in the U.K through the XRP token. This just adds to the bullish expectations for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. In light of this partnership, they plan to establish a seamless payments system in the United Kingdom and Europe for companies and retail consumers.

Meanwhile, the company announced reaching $15 billion in value. Ripple Labs achieved such value after it bought back shares from investors of its Series C investment. To point out, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, indicated that Ripple was not affected by the legal fight with SEC. As per the record, Ripple was in its healthiest financial position ever, despite its situation. 

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