Polygon Adds Supernets and Grants $100M to Encourage Developers

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Polygon announces a new framework called Supernets that aims to improve its Polygon Edge framework. New Supernet chains have been introduced by Polygon. As a further incentive to developers, the Ethereum scaling solution has offered $100 million in incentives.

The Supernets of Polygon

With Polygon Supernets, the network plans to spend $100 million on projects that want to use a separate Supernet chain for growth.

With this new upgrade, Polygon is trying to assist startups that want to build distributed applications on both private and public blockchains. Additionally, the team stated that Supernets is based on the existing Polygon Edge technology. Moreover, they offer new features to make onboarding easier.

Supernets, as opposed to Polygon Edge, will provide businesses with their own private, decentralized blockchains. Developers will have the possibility to apply for a Supernet Sovereign Chain or a Shared Security Chain. Furthermore, Polygon claims that a Sovereign Chain will reduce deployment and maintenance costs because it is overseen by a single professional validator. In the meantime, Polygon’s vetted third-party validators will verify the shared security chains.

Following on, Polygon Edge will be the site of a new supernet. The developers claim that Supernet can assist projects to handle millions of daily users and tens of millions of daily transactions. 

Regarding the new framework, the CEO of Polygon, Sandeep Naliwal said they are happy with the early success of Polygon Edge and excited to build on it to provide the Supernets. Polygon wants to drive mainstream adoption of Web 3.0 by giving businesses a wide choice of options. Moreover, Naliwal noted that as a company, they have always believed in empowering developers to design what they desire.

Other Networks on Decentralized Blockchains

In the world of blockchains, Polygon is not the only network working on decentralized blockchains. Avalanche has also unveiled its DFK Chain network for DeFi Kingdoms. Avalanche subnets, like Supernets, share the security of their parent blockchain while separating application-specific transactions. This minimizes primary network congestion, boosts scalability, and lowers transaction prices.

In this chain of events, Polygon, like Avalanche, wants to attract blockchain games and apps that need high transaction throughput. With previously struggled congestion, Supernets may provide the scale needed for mass deployment.

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