PinkSale vs. DxSale – Which is the Better Launchpad Protocol?

Over the years, the crypto market has seen an enormous rise as hundreds of cryptocurrencies now launch every day. Now, it is even easier to launch your own token with the help of crypto launchpads. These launchpads provide developers the tools to easily develop and create the initial sale of a token. On the other hand, these launchpads give investors the chance to participate in initial sales and have the benefit of being early in a project. There are various launchpad protocols currently in the market. Two of them that have been in constant use lately are PinkSale and DxSale. This article goes through both these launchpad protocols so that it can help you decide on which may be the better protocol to use.

What is PinkSale?

PinkSale Logo.

PinkSale Logo. Source: PinkSale.Finance

PinkSale is one of the most-used launchpad protocols in the crypto market. It provides tons of services. You can create your own token through PinkSale and then launch it. PinkSale also allows you to have public and private sales of your token. Moreover, as a developer, you can also create airdrops. 

Investors that are willing to help raise funds for a project and jump on the project early on can easily invest in these launchpads. There are various blockchains supported by PinkSale, including the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Polygon.

PinkSale also has two unique features that ensure security. These are the PinkSale anti-rug and anti-bot systems. The anti-rug system ensures that no project leaves the launchpad with your money. The anti-bot system makes sure that the initial sale is fair, meaning that no third party can artificially inflate the pool level.

What is DxSale?

DxSale Logo

DxSale Logo. Source: DxSale

DxSale is yet another widely used launchpad. Besides token and sale launches, DxSale also offers the DxApp launchpad. Developers can launch their decentralized applications through DxSale. Different from PinkSale, DxSale targets more experienced traders and investors. 

Moreover, similar to PinkSale, DxSale offers KYC options. Therefore, DxSale is quite secure as well when it comes to the identification of users. 

DxSale has been successful over the years. A more prominent success out of DxSale is SafeMoon, which skyrocketed just a week after its launch, and led to many people becoming millionaires. 

Lastly, DxSale makes sure that users do not need to pay for audit costs when they use the DxMint services.

Conclusion: Which One is Better?

So, should you use PinkSale or DxSale?

In general, they pretty much offer the same services. Both of them are free for use, and they have great reviews so far. The two have their documentation online, creating a sense of transparency with their users.

Both of them offer services for various blockchains. Nonetheless, DxSale also offers for Celo, xDai, Arbitrum, and Harmony. PinkSale, on the other hand, is compatible with more crypto wallets. PinkSale also has the upper hand in terms of trust. With more than 10 million users, PinkSale exceeds DxSale, primarily due to the former’s security and ease of use.

Last but not least, PinkSale is much more user-friendly than DxSale. While both of them are quite good and efficient, PinkSale is easier to use, so it might the better option out of the two.


  • Crypto launchpad protocols help developers successfully launch their cryptocurrencies.
  • PinkSale and DxSale are two of the best multichain crypto launchpads in the market right now.
  • Both of them are safe and support various blockchains.
  • PinkSale’s security features and user-friendly interface make it the better out of the two in some aspects.