New Partnerships of Travala and AXL With NFTb

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According to a recent announcement, NFTb acquired two partnerships that will bring utility to its users and partners. Companies that are part of the partnership with NFTb are Travala and AXL. NFTb is a DeFi platform for creators built on the Binance Smart Chain. Its goal is to make DeFi DApps as familiar and enjoyable as possible for developers.

Travala’s Partnership With NFTb

Travala is continuing to make advancements on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). One of their latest advancements is its partnership with NFTb. 

The news was released in the middle of January through social media such as Twitter and press releases. The NFTb token could gain even more value due to this innovative initiative. This new lead is quite exciting for people who travel most of the time. It brings a variety of options that ease the process of booking all the necessary things to complete a trip, be that touristic, business, or any other type. In more detail, the collaboration with Travala would enable its token holders (HODLers) to book travel arrangements with over 2.2 million hotels and houses, more than 600 airlines, and more than 40,000 activities in 230 countries.

Tommy So, the COO of NFTb, states that NFTs and DeFi have enormous potential for improving the travel experience. So, working with might serve as an excellent opportunity to reach their goal

As a result of this cooperation, NFTb token holders will use their tokens to pay for thousands of hotels, merchants, airlines, and other activities. In addition, there are strong synergies between the NFTb ecosystem and the Travala community. Together, they hope this partnership will help better connect blockchain with real-world applications.

Travala is progressively making a name for itself as a pioneer of crypto-based trip planning in the travel business. Furthermore, NFTb affirmed that the company would be adopting Travala for all corporate travel going forward. Additionally, this might even become a trend for other blockchain firms. Travala’s integration is now live, so eager travelers can go out there and see the world. 

AXL’s Partnership With NFTb

The growth of NFTb is striking each day. Besides the collaboration with Travala, a new player joins the NFTb – and that is AXL

AXL’s initiative has made a reputation for itself in the industry in a short period. On December 28th, 2021, the native token $AXLINU sold all of its circulating supply. The two platforms have collaborated to create a powerful launchpad and staking mechanism. This partnership aims to assist in the platform’s initial development.

A press release on January 8th by AXL notes that teaming up with NFTb will bring many benefits. This will allow the AXL platform to integrate the NFTb community with AXL Launchpad, giving better exposure to the AXL ecosystem. It will also enable additional options to join projects in their early stages of development. As a result, the launchpad will help new businesses get off the ground and into the marketplace by providing a platform for innovative ideas.

Moreover, the AXL and NFTb staking and launchpads provide a range of APYs and locking durations to suit different investment strategies. The entire drive aims to assist projects and get them functioning in their network.

Meanwhile, NFTb provides a premium non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace where users can reach buyers from anywhere in the world. Additionally, this marketplace is cross-chain compatible. Also, it is a DeFi platform providing users access to yield farming possibilities and a launchpad built to allow creators and projects to develop early support. This premium NFT marketplace is supported by the Binance Accelerator Fund, Rarestone Capital, and Spark Digital Capital.

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