NBA Product Designer Uses Blockchain To Fight World Hunger

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Shawn Kurz states that it’s crucial to continue to address the global hunger crisis while also making their products fun and interactive for future generations. Kurz uses blockchain technology to address global hunger when he’s not producing NBA merchandise or delivering coffee to large shops.

In addition, Kurz founded FoodChain Global (FCG). It is a non-profit organization that employs a blockchain-based ecosystem to assist humanitarian actions for fighting hunger throughout the globe. As per the record, the FCG has developed The FoodChain Global token (FOOD) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the support of Cody Boyd. Boyd is a former military systems engineer. The income from the digital asset products is used to deliver food to food banks.

The Primary Goal Of The Project

The project’s mission is to provide the struggle against hunger to the next generation. The team’s goal is to constantly produce digital goods that speak to the Millennials and GenZ, the new digital generation. 

Moreover, Kurz notes several blockchain drives, such as meme coins, that he considers have little real-world value. Therefore, rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the technology, he encourages the community to focus on the positive aspects. Polygon-based FOOD tokens, NFTs, and crypto-merchandise apparel outlets are all available through FCG. They sent the money to the Daily Bread Food Bank and Haven on the Queensway.

Additionally, Kurz emphasizes the power of using blockchain for charity. He adds that most individuals who contribute to charity don’t see where their money goes; they simply give. Polygon’s blockchain explorer, on the other hand, allows FOOD token holders (HODLer) to see exactly where their money goes.

Asset transfers inside FCG’s ecosystem may be seen by anybody looking through the publicly accessible transactions on Polyscan. People will see exactly how much money goes to charity thanks to this. According to Kurz, the public will now have a way to keep the firm responsible. At the same time, the number of crypto-related charitable organizations is on the increase. Many blockchain-based enterprises have raised millions of dollars for charitable causes. In February, The Giving Block, a cryptocurrency donations platform, estimated that crypto contributions will increase by 16 times in 2021.

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