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MDS Mexico Adopts Blockchain Technology for COVID-19 Testing

MDS Mexico Adopts Blockchain Technology for COVID-19 Testing

Mexican medical firm, MDS Mexico, is planning to embrace blockchain technology for covid test certificates. The company has worked in testing services for COVID-19 where blockchain is used for verification of the results. 

Blockchain Technology to Prevent Test Result Falsification 

The new digital MDS Mexico platform will show real-time results and patients will immediately be informed, as reported on October 17, by iProUP news, a local media in Mexico.

Test results will not only be online but physical as well, including a QR code needed to confirm the results and show a patient’s vaccination history on the blockchain technology.

The idea behind blockchain incorporation in the platform was to make the whole process more secure. Blockchain technology is able to verify the authenticity of clinical tests, keep patients’ personal data safe as well as stop any possible falsification regarding the test results.

MDS representatives used their official website to further explain this, emphasizing the idea of fighting result falsifications. They decided to adopt blockchain technology and cryptographic signature in the medical field because it is more secure and recognized globally.

The testing results will get into the blockchain whereas the doctor responsible for verifying the test results will do a cryptographic signature, a unique way to mark both authenticity and safety. 

Wider Adoption of Blockchain Tech in Healthcare 

MDS is not the first and only company in Mexico to incorporate blockchain technology in medicine, other companies have already done so. 

CANACO started a collaboration in April with Xertify, a blockchain technology firm, with the purpose of making vaccination passports digital.  

In the same light, blockchain advocates in Australia encouraged the creation of a vaccine registry based on blockchain as a way of combating the spread of false COVID-19 vaccine passports on the internet. 

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