McDonald’s To Enter Metaverse

McDonald’s has teamed up with renowned digital content producer Karen X Cheng for a Lunar New Year ad. A number of cutting-edge technology, including AI and AR, are used in Cheng’s regularly viral works.

The 30-second ad has a QR code call-to-action that leads viewers to more campaign elements and is based on Cheng’s pleasant childhood recollections of the event. NeRF technology is employed in advertising at a time when marketers are beginning to rely heavily on AI.

According to Elizabeth Campbell, senior director of cultural engagement strategy at McDonald’s, the fast food company is hoping the “tech-forward” project will both commemorate the occasion and give back to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

This year, McDonald’s made a variety of metaverse experiences available with the goal of bringing the Lunar New Year to everyone. With the use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D animation, users may investigate a variety of activities. Virtual reality zoos, cooking competitions, and classic Chinese games like Weiqi and Mahjong are just a few of the things that everyone may enjoy.

In addition, McDonald’s developed a customizable 3D avatar that lets each user travel the world. Using in-app messaging, users may also send messages to friends and send them photographs. However, viewers may access the metaverse straight away by going to the official McDonald’s website.

Entrepreneur and digital storyteller Karen X Cheng. She has worked on initiatives in many different industries, such as media and technology. She also established Karen X Inc., a company dedicated to creating interactive experiences.

In collaboration with McDonald’s, Karen X Cheng is creating a creative and entertaining metaverse Lunar New Year party. She surely aims to provide additional possibilities for individuals to interact with friends and family throughout the Christmas season and subsequently create memorable memories through the McDonald’s digital world.