Lucky Block Partners with Crypto Academy

Lucky Block has partnered with Crypto Academy, as we look forward to many updates and launches ahead. 

Lucky Block has reached a partnership with Crypto Academy, the renowned Crypto Marketing Agency, and Informational and Educational portal. With an incredible success rate in helping cryptocurrency-focused startups grow in the industry, the partnership with Crypto Academy is a stepping stone in the exciting journey ahead for Lucky Block.

LuckyBlock is a worldwide game and competition platform with play to earn rewards using blockchain protocols. They have already given many prizes to the participants of the game.

On the occasion of this cooperation, the founder of Crypto Academy Granit said that he is happy that he will have the opportunity to cooperate with such a platform.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a brand in crypto, a platform that has given many prizes to the participants,” said Granit.

Granit also has his own group “Granit Academy – X100 Reviews” where he and his team evaluate various crypto projects and post them there. These are projects in the initial stages that can bring x100 returns.

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Granit X100