Kadena price prediction 2022 and beyond – Can KDA reach $10?

Kadena was founded putting forth the idea of revolutionizing the communication and transaction of the world. This Kadena price prediction explores the project and the price scope in 2022, along with the years to come.

Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino established Kadena in 2016. Stuart Popejoy led JPMorgan’s Emerging Blockchain before Kadena and has years of experience in building financial trading systems. For the mass adoption of Kadena with a multi-dimensional approach, they use the chain technology reimagining a revolutionary ecosystem from ground up that the business world of today direly needed.

The founders built the tools for making blockchain work for decentralized, speedy, scalable, and energetic businesses and a proprietary chain architecture that was thought unachievable earlier.

Kadena is a proof-of-work blockchain uniting Bitcoin’s PoW consensus mechanism with directed acyclic graph (DAG) principles. It claims to provide the security of Bitcoin but with more scalability and unparalleled throughput for the scope of blockchain. The scalability and the unparalleled throughput can be used for enterprises and entrepreneurs alike.

Kadena ensures industrial scalability for empowering global financial systems. It also struggles to stay energy-efficient during scaling and provide higher transactions with equal energy input. Kadena also delivers crypto gas stations. This means the businesses can pay their gas fees and avoid a huge pain point for adopting blockchains in business.

Kadena has already scaled ten blockchains to up to twenty blockchains in its network. It can increase even more in the future, as per requirement. The final version of Kadena has its private Kuro layer-two blockchain for supporting more than 8,000 transactions each second over 500 nodes. Kadena has raised funds from many crypto venture capitalists like Multicoin Capital, CoinFund, Amino Capital, etc.

Kadena (KDA) Fundamental Analysis

Kadena tries to build technology for everyone to make blockchain freely. Their ecosystem encourages real-world applications for enterprises and entrepreneurs. It delivers a fully decentralized infrastructure for builders. It unites a revolutionary chain architecture with widespread tools for customers to attain the full capacity of blockchain. It has the ability to increase work speeds as customers do not have to build from the start.

Kadena was established to empower global financial systems. It uses a voluntary process to scale up fifty or hundred or more blockchains. The congestion of the network in the future will cause higher fees. This will make an incentive for the miners forming a DAO to work to manage the network to a larger size.

Kadena uses two ways to enhance its security.

  1. Chain web is used as a chain architecture for a combination of its several proof-of-work blockchains. An increased number of chains increases security by a single view of transactions over the chains as the attacker has to fork all the running chains to attack even a single chain.
  2. The pact, the smart contract language of Kadena, is human-readable and built especially for blockchains with strong security features.

They have recently completed several milestones for the platform that included the release of Chainweb mainnet 2.12, Ledger dev-beta, and Pact 4.2.0 with the introduction of lambda computing services, native tokens of KDA, and improvements in persistence. They signed Chainweaver SigBuilder and added information on orphan block/transaction in the block explorer. 

In the ecosystem, they refreshed developer documentation and launched Kadena Eco as an innovation network for the system’s hypergrowth. It got listed on several exchanges, like Okex, Binance, and Okcoin. 

How does Kadena work?

Kadena provides a public proof-of-work blockchain having unmatched throughput through a collaboration of two separate consensus mechanisms that are directed acyclic graph (DAG) and proof-of-work (PoW). Throughput takes place in the following steps.

  1. Kadena simply achieves throughput by knitting the chains together. 
  2. Knitting the chains together means that it not only offers a single blockchain but many (20) different blockchains. 
  3. All of the blockchains work simultaneously and asynchronously for the validation of transactions. 
  4. Collective working of these blockchains will simply let Kadena mint several blocks at a time by increasing its throughput. 
  5. Increasing the throughput by minting several blocks at a time will also increase the security by minimizing the time available for an attacker between block confirmations.

Kadena utilizes a directed acyclic graph structure for scaling up one proof-of-work blockchain to an unlimited amount, theoretically. The DAG structure of Kadena is fixed and multi-channel; hence instead of confirming random transactions, Kadena’s blockchains can communicate only with three peer chains. This improves its scalability and real-world performance as per the need of its users. 

Kadena Tokenomics

KDA is the digital currency used for paying to compute on the Kadena public chain. KDA is used as the transaction fee used by users to pay for their trades and transactions in a block. Miners are compensated or rewarded for the mining blocks in the form of KDA on Kadena, just like they use ETH on Ethereum. Kadena has pre-mined many rounds of KDA. They had raised $2.25 million for 4.5 million KDA during their first private token sale in 2018. Again in the second private token sale round, they managed to raise $12.9 million for 17.2 million KDA. 

The economic model of this token reserves the right to use the token’s total and allocated supply utilized by the platform, by those who received it after distribution, and for liquidity. The fixed total supply of the token is one billion tokens, and 171 million are in circulation. Tokens can be mined in the next 120 years in a way that 700 million are going to be minted for more than 100 years.

About 200 hundred million tokens are going to be minted during the next nine years. Investors, contributors, and strategic reserve will receive 90 million tokens, while 10 million tokens will be burned at launch. The token emissions schedule will slow down gradually.

Kadena Tokenomics - Token Allocations

Kadena Future Plans

The upcoming milestones to be completed for the platform include the introduction of Pact Core v1. They will sign Kadena transactions with a Ledger hardware wallet. They will integrate Walletconnect and install the option of account search and balance checking in the block explorer. They will add support to Chaimweaver tokens and Wallet API to enable multiple transactions in a single request.

In the first phase of initiatives for the ecosystem, they will launch a decentralized exchange Kaddex with wrapped native tokens of kBTC, kETH, and kUSD on Kadena. A new form of NFT, called Marmalade, will be introduced with NFT standards, fronted beta, and smart contract on miannet.

In the second phase of ecosystem initiatives, they will have major partnerships for ecosystem growth and marketing to promote Kadena’s ecosystem. It will get listed on the US and additional global exchanges. As EVM decentralized bridge infrastructure testnet with Cosmos IBC bridge testnet and infrastructure for the lending platforms are announced. Sustainable mining initiatives would be launched with time.

A second phase of the declaration of programs for developers, ambassadors, and grants will also take place. An announcement for the first grant cohort has also happened. Soon, there will be a release of documentation for builders and developers with new, improved tools and experiences for them. The team will update developers and will announce new builders for creating key DeFi infrastructure.

There would be updates in Marmalade NFT, and their roadmap would be released with the showcase of projects building on Marmalade and Kadena’s NFT standard. Finally, they will host more Kadena Eco Project Spotlights.

Kadena (KDA) Price Analysis

The Kadena price on July 11, 2022, is $1.54, and Coin Market Cap ranks it as #98. It has a trading volume of $9.6 million and a market cap of more than $284 million. Out of one billion KDA coins, about 184.8 million KDA coins are in circulation. Its price performance and rank indicate that it has a promising future.

Kadena Price Prediction – Crypto Academy

We have predicted the future prices of Kadena (KDA) on the basis of its technology and future plans while keeping its present condition under focus.

Kadena Price Prediction 2022

Our deep technical analysis of the historical price data of KDA says that the price of Kadena can be at a maximum level of $4 in this year. This can be achieved by its listing on the Okex exchange, Binance exchange, and Okcoin exchange. The Kadena price can have a minimum level of $1 with an average trading price of $2.5. 

Kadena Price Prediction 2023

The price of Kadena can reach a maximum level of $7 in 2023 with the update of developer documentation and the launch of the Kadena Ecosystem. The Kadena price can hit an average level of $5 with a minimum price of $3 throughout 2023. 

Kadena Price Forecast for 2024

Our forecast technical analysis says that the price of Kadena can be at a maximum level of $9 in 2024. This can be possible only with the release of Chainweb mainnet 2.12, Pact 4.2.0 and Ledger dev-beta. The KDA minimum price can be $5, with an average trading price of $7. 

Kadena Price Forecast for 2025

We expect the price of a Kadena to reach a maximum level of $12 after signing Chainweaver SigBuilder and orphan block/transaction information in the block explorer in 2025. The KDA price can reach a minimum level of $8, with an average price of $10 throughout 2025. 

Kadena Price Prediction 2026

We forecast the maximum Kadena price to reach the level of $15 in 2026, with the launch of Kadena’s decentralized exchange, Kaddex, and its wrapped native tokens (kBTC, kETH, kUSD). As per our findings, the KDA price could reach a minimum possible level of $11 with the average forecast price of $13.

Kadena-Price-Prediction- 2022-2026 price chart

Kadena Price Prediction – Market Overview

Following are the price predictions given by the famous crypto websites and platforms.


Per the pricepreiction.net analysis KDA price would reach a maximum level of $2.39 and an average price of $2.13 at the end of 2022. Their estimation for the next five years says that the coin can reach the $9.5 mark by that time. Their experts and analysts say that Kadena can reach the highest price of $70.77 by 2030.

Tech News Leader

In a year, Kadena can reach as high as $5.17 and would be equal to $15.57 next five years, tech news leader prediction reveals. In the next ten years, the average price can be $103.80. In eight to ten years, there are high chances for the value of a Kadena to cross the minimum price of $100.94 and maximum price of $120.34.

Digital Coin Price

Per digital coin price the lowest Kadena price will be $2.17 and the highest price of Kadena to be $8.44 in the future. The price of a Kadena (KDA) can approximately be about $2.17 in a year, nearly equal to the current KDA price. The price of Kadena after a year can be $2.44; in three years can be $2.89, and in four years can be $2.98. Five years from now, the price can be $4.30 and $5.25, and $6.62 in six and seven years.


Coincodex estimated the KDA price to be between $ 1.94 and $ 3.37, with a rise of 116.54% in 2024, under the best circumstances. Their estimation for 2025 in the same scenarios shows that its price can lie from $ 2.49 to $ 7.47, with an expected increase of 380.34%. Approximately 965.54% increase in price in 2026 can occur, with the price ranging from $ 3.18 to $ 16.57 in favorable conditions.

Wallet Investors

They consider KDA to be a good investment with good such that its price can be $22.36 by 2027. On July 11, 2022, one can buy $64.59 by using $100 dollars. In the next five years, your current investment of $100 can be $1444.5 by that time. In 2027, the expected revenue can be around +1344.51%. 

Coin Arbitrage Bot

The coin arbitrage bot Kadena historical price data shows that its price can be $5.13 at the end of the year 2022. In a year, it could be $5.64. In the next three years, the highest level of Kadena price can reach $33.03, and the lowest Kadena price can be $0.98.

At the end of 2023, they expect the price to be around $9.13, while it could easily hit the price level of $14.77 by the end of 2024. They calculate the Kadena in the future at the end of 2025 to be at a remarkable value of $23.89 per Kadena.

How to Buy KDA

KDA is among many cryptocurrencies that you cannot buy using money. You can only exchange it with another cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange. You can first buy Ethereum (ETH) and then exchange it for KDA. You need an account on such exchanges that supports its trade and on a self-custody wallet. 

Step 1: Create an Account

You have to begin your trade by opening the Coinbase app on android or iOS. Before signing up for it, read their user agreement and privacy policy. You have to fill in the information of full legal name, a valid email address, a memorizable and secure password, and your country to make your account. Proof of your name and location is also required.

You will now receive a verification email from [email protected] to get your email address registered on it. You will go back to Coinbase as you click on the link. After that, you can complete their 2-step authentication through your smartphone and the linked phone number. It will secure your account by verifying your number.

Step 2: Select a Payment Method

Afterward, select a payment method for funding your account with fiat money (such as USD, GBP, or CAD). There are different methods available in Coinbase for different areas of residence. The easiest way available in most areas are credit cards or debit cards with fast speed but expensive fees, and bank transfers with relatively slow speed and low fees.

Step 3: Set Up a Wallet

Next, you can get a self-custody wallet like Coinbase Wallet to get KDA. It is accessible on the mobile app and on the browser extension. Also, open the Coinbase Wallet from the browser or the downloaded app. You also need to choose a unique username as it is required to be used by other Coinbase wallet users for sending your crypto to you.

You also require it for opening your account. The platform will also provide a recovery phrase of 12 random words to you as a key for access to your crypto. Coinbase itself will never ask for your recovery phrase, but you yourself require it to recover your account, and even Coinbase cannot help you in such a case. So, keep it secret and note it somewhere for security and for using Coinbase wallet’s cloud backup feature. 

Step 4: Buy ETH

Next, you need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) on your coinbase account. Use your fiat money to enter the amount of ETH you require to buy. Also, leave some amount of money for fees that can differ with the load on the network, the complexity of the transaction, and the transaction method you have selected.

Step 5: Transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet

It would be helpful to transfer ETH to your Coinbase Wallet. Then, go to your Coinbase wallet’s settings and tap on the connect button. Follow the step coming next on the screen to connect it to your Coinbase account. After that, transfer your assets from your Coinbase account to Coinbase Wallet. To do this, go to the ‘Buy or Transfer’ option from the settings of Coinbase Wallet. Select ‘ETH’ as the crypto and enter the amount to be transferred to the wallet. Tap to continue and follow the steps to transfer your ETH to your wallet.

Step 6: Buy KDA

Now you are ready to buy KDA. If you are using the Coinbase application on the mobile phone, tap on the ‘Trade’ button to enable the swapping of ETH for another token supported by Coinbase, running on the Ethereum standard (called “ERC-20 tokens“).

Click on the ‘choose coin’ button to choose the KDA token. Then, fill in the amount of ETH to be exchanged for KDA. Also, remember to leave enough amount for transaction fees. At last, follow the simple instructions given by them to confirm the purchase and finalize the trade.

If you are using the Coinbase Wallet extension, you have to tap the “Convert” button after you open the website. In the search bar, find out ‘KDA’ and input the amount of ETH for getting exchanged with KDA while leaving the amount enough for transaction fees. Do as the instructions directed on the screen to confirm the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kadena a Good Investment?

Kadena is a good investment due to mass adoption revolutionizing the way the world interacts and transacts. This will be done by the connection of chain technology and the ecosystem with the business world.

Can Kadena Reach $10?

They can reach the price of $10 by 2025 after signing Chainweaver SigBuilder and orphan block/transaction information in the block explorer.

Where to buy Kadena?

If you want to buy Kadena from a top cryptocurrency exchange, you can get it from Binance, OKX, Deepcoin, KuCoin, and Gate.io.


  • Kadena was established by Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino in 2016 by Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino.
  • For the mass adoption of Kadena with a multi-dimensional approach, they connect the chain technology with the ecosystem for the reimagination of the business world needed from the ground up. 
  • Kadena is a proof-of-work blockchain uniting Bitcoin’s PoW consensus mechanism with directed acyclic graph (DAG) principles.
  • Kadena ensures industrial scalability for empowering global financial systems. 
  • Kadena is a good investment by mass adoption after it revolutionizes the way the world interacts and transacts.
  • The Kadena price can have a minimum level of $1, with an average trading price of $2.5 in 2022. 
  • The price of Kadena can reach a maximum level of $7 in 2023.
  • They can reach the price of $10 by 2025 due to signing Chainweaver SigBuilder and orphan block/transaction information in the block explorer.
  • We forecast the maximum Kadena price to reach the level of $15 in 2026. 
  • You can only exchange it with another cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange. 
  • You can get it from Binance, OKX, Deepcoin, KuCoin, and Gate.io.