Is $PLU a Good Investment? – Here’s What You Should Know About Pluton

As the crypto market expands, it becomes much more competitive for cryptocurrencies to stand out and increase in the long run. Unfortunately, many projects fail because they do not offer unique services or do not deliver already-existing services more efficiently, especially in the financial sector. A cryptocurrency that may be revolutionary and a very good investment when it comes to real-world integration of cryptocurrencies is Pluton ($PLU).

Pluton is an exciting cryptocurrency that is yet to reach its full potential. This article covers the essentials of PLU and whether it may be a good investment for the future.

What is Pluton?

In simple words, Pluton (PLU) is the native token of Plutus, which is a finance app founded by Danial Daychopan. Plutus was conceived back in 2015, and since then, Plutus has acquired tens of thousands of users.

Like banking apps, Plutus offers the same features but is much more simplified. It also offers rewards to its users. 

Crypto Cashback

Perhaps the most significant feature of Plutus is its Visa Debit Card. This card can be used to make payments. With every payment conducted, you are rewarded with PLU tokens. These rewards start from 3% and can go up to 8% for those who stake PLU.

Pluton is the first-ever decentralized loyalty rewards token through the use of a Visa Debit Card.


Besides the reward rate from staking PLU tokens, users can also gain perks (up to 8 perks), where they receive free subscriptions to some of the biggest globally-known companies. 

These include Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, Uber, Starbucks, and many more. The number of perks you can obtain also depends on the amount of PLU you stake. 

  • Staking 250 PLU gets you 4 perks and 4% crypto cashback
  • Staking 500 PLU gets you 5 Perks and 5% crypto cashback
  • Staking 1,000 PLU gets you 6 Perks and 6% crypto cashback
  • Staking 2,000 PLU gets you 8 Perks and 8% crypto cashback
Plutus Subscription Plans & Staking Perks, which make Pluton (PLU) a good investment.

Plutus Subscription Plans & Staking Perks. Source: Plutus

Plutus also offers crypto swaps, where users in the EEA can easily convert their cryptocurrencies (i.e., PLU and ETH) into Fiat. Plutus is one of the very few platforms to provide a crypto-fiat decentralized exchange (DEX); almost all other DEXs on the market only facilitate crypto-crypto conversions.


Plutus is a result of the brilliant minds of two highly competent and credible financial experts. These are Danial Daychopan and Jasper Tay. Both of them have experience as FinTech entrepreneurs and have been exposed to the financial markets for many years now.


The Pluton token is an Ethereum-based token used for payments with the Plutus Visa Debit Card. Besides its utility, the token is prone to speculation as many people can benefit from its price increase, especially the ones that have staked PLU tokens.

Pluton has a total supply of 20 million PLU tokens, where precisely 1,851,999.50 PLU (9%) are in circulation. While a large portion of the supply is yet to be vested, Pluton has deflationary properties due to the limited maximum supply. 

Pluton (PLU) Price Prediction

Due to its relatively low market cap of around $15 million, its limited supply, and other fundamentals, Pluton is yet to achieve its full potential. However, as crypto mass adoption is likely to happen in the coming years, we may see the price of PLU skyrocket in the long run. Plutus is combining banking features, which already has a huge market size, with earning rewards, a rapidly growing trend in Crypto.

Currently, PLU is worth $9 per token. In the next five to six years, Crypto Academy predicts that PLU can soar upward and eventually go beyond $1,000. Within the decade, PLU could even edge closer to $2,000. This would see Pluton reach a fully diluted market cap of $40 billion, which is highly realistic for the long run, considering the potential of this project. This prediction takes into account other market factors, including the Bitcoin halving in 2024.

Should I Buy Pluton?

Given the deflationary properties of the PLU token and its use cases in the real world, Pluton is likely to increase in price over the next few years. While it might not be as lucrative in the short term, PLU is likely to yield high rewards if you HODL it for the long run. 

Conclusion: Is $PLU a Good Investment?

Looking at various reviews, other experts’ predictions, real-world utility, and other fundamentals, $PLU is likely to be one of the best investments in 2022. Moreover, investing and staking PLU tokens could prove to be a wise decision for those willing to hold for the long run. Other things equal, PLU has the potential to join the top 50 market capitalization rankings in the next five years, making it a potentially profitable investment.


  • Pluton (PLU) is the utility token of the Plutus platform.
  • PLU is the world’s first decentralized loyalty rewards token through the use of a Visa Debit Card.
  • You can stake PLU tokens to receive up to 8% rewards on every payment as well as earn 8 perks with various companies worldwide.
  • Pluton is an Ethereum-based token and has a limited supply of 20 million PLU.
  • Overall, Pluton is a very good investment – given it has an ultra-low market cap, a 200x is feasible in the next decade.