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Introducing Paçoca: The One-Stop DeFi Portfolio Manager

Paçoca is a powerful portfolio manager, convenient to all DeFi users, and free to use; you can see all DeFi investments on a single page.

[São Paulo, June 3] Paçoca is a sweet portfolio tracker in which users can track their DeFi assets, invest in smart vaults with compounding yields, and use the decentralized exchange aggregator to trade tokens at the best rates. 

Paçoca is a powerful portfolio manager, convenient to all DeFi users, and free to use; you can see all of your DeFi investments from multiple chains on a single page. The platform aims to mend the gap between the variety of services offered by DeFi platforms and their unavailability in one place, by being a one-stop DeFi hub that is a multichain portfolio manager, an automated yield farming, and a DEX aggregator.

Paçoca aims to provide a broad and consolidated view of the assets invested in different DeFi projects in EVM-based blockchains like BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon, and/or Ethereum in order to improve the experience of DeFi users. The platform emphasizes simplicity and is ideal for individuals seeking an elegant but powerful DeFi hub with a real-time portfolio tracker across multiple chains.

The Paçoca Dashboard

Within a single Dashboard page, users can check all their DeFi staking, borrowing, lending, rewards to harvest, tokens, NFT, and asset allocation. The Dashboard also shows more details on LP farming, and it can show the amount and value of tokens inside of the LP. 

Additionally, Pacoca has a “Convert your balances into PACOCA” feature through which users can gather tokens that have small amounts together, and swap them into $PACOCA within one transaction, at a considerably affordable fee. 

Users can also check their DeFi portfolio in real-time simply on their phone screen by using the Pacoca app and it is not necessary to get access to wallet apps. 

Click here to see how to add Paçoca to the home screen. 


Automated Yield Optimizer and DEX Aggregator

Besides checking their portfolio, users can earn passive income by investing in Paçoca. This feature currently works on the BNB Chain.  Here Pacoca has its own vaults giving high APY for $PACOCA holders such as Auto PACOCA, PACOCA-BNB, and PACOCA-BUSD, as well as other vaults.

Sweet Vaults are the latest innovation from the Pacoca Team which are specially optimized to sweeten your rewards, helping you maximize your profits. The Sweet Vaults work as follows:

  1. The smart contract receives the original deposit from the user and deposits it to the third party platform Masterchef (e.g., PancakeSwap);
  2. The generated rewards from your initial deposit are automatically claimed and converted to $PACOCA;
  3. The $PACOCA rewards are deposited on the Auto PACOCA pool, giving the user a higher APY while protecting their principal.

The Sweet Vault mechanism is beneficial to $PACOCA holders as it provides a constant buying pressure to $PACOCA, and fees from Sweet Vaults are accumulated into DAO funds.

Paçoca’s exchange is powered by 1inch, aggregating the best rates and providing the best deals for users.

Paçoca is audited by Inspex, and Certix with Skynet, where the smart contracts are monitored 24 hours a day. 


The Future

Paçoca aims to become the most preferred one-stop DeFi service provider. The platform commemorated its first birthday on March 13 by launching its very first NFT birthday collection as well as the 2022 roadmap for the first and second quarters. The best is yet to come, as new and exciting features will be added down the line, such as the ZAP feature, DAO, Portfolio surprise feature, PFP NFT collection, Cross-chain Tokens, and Sweet vaults, among others.


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