How to buy Kasta? – A Step-by-Step Guide

Kasta has a comprehensive and well-developed system that enables its customer with no knowledge of crypto to spontaneously hold, get or trade crypto effortlessly and freely in the most secure way possible. Its token KASTA plays a crucial part in its growth and aims to drive the world towards adopting cryptocurrency worldwide in reality. In addition to this, KASTA can serve as a payment method. You can get reduced exchange fees, higher profits, cashback, and designed debit cards by investing in KASTA; moreover, you’ll get reduced exchange fees.

Kasta will commence their debit card to allow their customers to consume their reserves all around. They will also be delivering a financial method to purchase commodities from their online store while deciding the method and time of payment yourself. Along with this, you can increase the growth of your crypto instead of letting the coins stay static in your wallet. The system also searches for the best profits with the least risk. With the easy swap engine of Kasta, people can select the currency they prefer for receiving income.

It has a decent roadmap for 2022, consisting of four phases. Phase 1 enables cryptocurrency exchange with fiat currency, buying BTC, ETH, USDT, KASTA tokens, enabling their deposit and withdrawal, acquiring Estonian virtual currency license, and launching MVP. Phase 2 plans to implement a payment gateway to minimize exchange fees, provide actual rates with liquidity in exchange, higher yields, associate program, dashboard, and a debit card with bank transfers for users.

While in Phase 3 for 2022, they want to request payments for users and non-users, payouts, payments to non-users, merchant-based systems, utilities, and smart payment links. And finally, for Phase 4, they have planned for gamification, additional licenses, new debit card functionalities, the Buy now- pay later feature, and persistent deposits.

How to Buy KASTA?

Kasta is not easily available on famous exchanges, such as the Coinbase app, but on Bybit, Quickswap, and MEXC Global. Below are the steps to buy Kasta.

Step 1: Set up an Account on Exchange 

First things first, you have to create an account on an exchange that supports the purchase of Kasta coins. Bybit is commonly used for buying KASTA but has restricted use in many countries, including the United States. Along with this, your average daily amount of BIT in your Soot account of Bybit must be equal to or greater than 50. 

ByBit will let you create an account through an email address or mobile number. Select whichever option suits you better, and provide detailed information as required in the registration form. After submitting the form, verify your email or phone number and identity to buy Kasta.

Registering in ByBit

Creating an Account in ByBit. Source: ByBit

Step 2: Select Payment Method

After registering and verifying your account and identity, you need an access way to buy the KASTA. To buy KASTA, click on the ‘Buy Crypto’ option and select a payment method from the drop-down list that will show up right after clicking the option. 

After selecting the payment method, you will move to the buy crypto page. You have to search for the KASTA token in the search bar and click on KASTA.

Special Step: ByBit special offer

Another more complex method to buy KASTA through Bybit is devoting a distinct BIT amount to your Spot Account for the new project (KASTA). BIT is the native Bybit cryptocurrency. Bybit would lock the number of BITs you would have committed for KASTA till the final distribution of KASTA. Allocation of KASTA is equal to your committed amount/amount of BIT committed by all participants x Total amount of KASTA allocated for the project. The maximum amount allotted to each person is capped at 9500. Traders have to click on the trading pair from the webpage, and a full list of trading pairs will appear. Search and select your desired pair.

Spot trading in ByBit

Selecting Trading Pair in ByBit. Source: ByBit

Selecting Pair in ByBit

Selecting Trading Pair in ByBit. Source: ByBit

Step 3: Confirm your purchase

After signing up, carefully select the right token and transaction amount. You will have to provide appropriate details as asked to continue with your purchase. It will also ask you to enter your information about the payment method, such as the details of your credit/debit card or any payment method. After entering the relevant information, you will have to continue verifying the payment method certifications, setting the limits and order price, and confirming that the entered information is correct; click “Buy KASTA”. Confirm your transaction for KASTA.

Additional Step: Buying KASTA with crypto 

If a cryptocurrency is purchasable through fiat currency like USD, GBP, or CAD, you should prefer buying them through fiat money because it’s easier that way. While buying Kasta with another crypto, you will need to perform an additional step of creating a crypto wallet that can hold Kasta. You will have to buy the first currency and spend it to buy Kasta on the platform of your choice that supports Kasta exchange. If you face any problems while exchanging, look for the guidelines or customer support from that platform.

Along with several platforms present for crypto exchange, there are various liquidity, security, and reliability levels. So, before selecting a platform for your crypto trade, you should be aware of its prominent features. These platforms vary slightly and guide you while working on them, making your task easy.

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  • Kasta has a broad and well-developed, secure, and easy-to-use system.
  • It enables its customers to hold, get or trade crypto spontaneously.
  • KASTA plays a crucial part in its growth and aims to drive the world towards adopting cryptocurrency worldwide in reality.
  • You can buy KASTA easily using Fiat currency.
  • For exchanging KASTA with another currency, you first need to create a wallet that supports KASTA.
  • Kasta is available on Bybit, Quickswap, and MEXC Global.