Fraudulent Minting Message Sent Out by Hackers that Took Over Axie Infinity’s Discord Bot

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The renowned play-to-earn NFT game Axie Infinity was hit by a second hack on its Discord server earlier on May 18, thereby compromising the MEE6 bot as a result.

MEE6 is a prominent discord bot that is utilized by many cryptocurrency projects for automating messages and roles. The hackers utilized the hacked bot to provide rights to a false Jiho account, then published a false mint announcement.

The Axie Infinity developers were able to eliminate the bogus messages as well as the corrupted MEE6 bot. Nonetheless, the project’s official Twitter account warns that several users may continue to see the bogus notice until Discord is restarted.

The developers also stated that the MEE6 breach is not a novel occurrence and that numerous projects have had similar problems. The main MEE6 Discord support channel, on the other hand, refuted reports of a breach, claiming that they had checked with their engineers and no suspicious activity was found.

Some hold the attackers first hacked the admin accounts and then used MEE6 to get entry to the other administrator account. This allowed them to send out webbook messages and conceal the administrator account that had been hacked.

The Discord bot hack follows one of the largest attacks on Axie Infinity’s Ronin bridge, which resulted in the loss of nearly $600 million in cryptocurrencies. The community’s faith in the project, which was previously seen as a groundbreaking endeavor in the gaming world, has been shaken by a series of cybersecurity incidents.

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