Review 2022 – Definitive Guide to Using the Popular Crypto Exchange

If you’re a professional trader wanting to purchase lesser-known cryptocurrencies, consider using, a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Some jurisdictions allow margin trading on some of the 1,300 cryptos accessible on the platform. In addition, the website is not user-friendly and may not be entirely accessible to US citizens. Find out whether is perfect for you by reading further down below.

What Is

In terms of cryptocurrency trading, is among the most prominent platforms. Users can buy cryptocurrency with ease at market price or use one of the sophisticated coin trading alternatives. is among China’s largest and oldest crypto exchanges. has become one of the most rapidly expanding crypto exchanges thanks to its notable IEO platform, several currencies, margin trading with leverage, and other cutting-edge financial services, including margin lending or borrowing.

Despite its advanced trading engine, the platform’s UI is cluttered and is often not the best place to begin for inexperienced investors. Cross-cryptocurrency addresses, cold and hot digital wallet storage, multi-signature security protection, and real-time asset transfer are just some of the blockchain technologies used by the crypto exchange.

Several crypto exchanges serve customers from the US, Canada, and Japan, where political and legal concerns have plagued users. On the other hand, users from these jurisdictions may access a more limited version of the service. supports over 80 million users in over 224 countries and much more than 1000 cryptocurrencies. The exchange’s application may be downloaded on Android & iOS smartphones.

Are you unsure whether is the best fit for you? Continue reading to find out how it compares to other crypto exchange platforms. Features

There are advantages and disadvantages to using any cryptocurrency exchange. Here are some of the most notable features of

Trading interface

A good place to start should be at the very top of’s home page, where you’ll find options for purchasing, selling, joining up, and getting support.

To access your account information, if you’ve already registered, click or press the three dashes.

For example, you may put in the name of a currency, the kind of transaction, or any other phrase, and the search feature will bring up the appropriate markets. You can also easily explore marketplaces by just scrolling to the left. In addition to the standard trading view, users may choose a simplified version that is less cluttered in appearance. There are also bright and dark screen settings to choose from.

As we mentioned above, newbies may find the interface a little overwhelming, while more professional traders may enjoy the wide range of charting tools and choices. In their eyes, is reliable and secure, having lasted longer than any other competitor.

Buying Crypto

With, you may purchase crypto immediately if you don’t even have any crypto in your account wallet. This can be done via payments by bank transfer, debit card, credit card, and mobile applications.

With a simple interface, you may acquire crypto fast and effortlessly, or you can make a peer-to-peer trade. Although,  not all of the digital currencies available on the market may be purchased in this way. Also, it’s best to stick with your currency in order to avoid foreign currency conversion fees on your credit card, which may add up over time.

Spot Trading

You may start trading right under the trade link, which takes you directly to spot trading. Depending on your level of expertise, you may choose between a standard or professional display. Choose your currency combination and either opt for the current market price or create a limit order with the aim of getting a better deal.

The minimum transaction is about $1 for all trading pairs, so newbies aren’t priced out of the market while they’re just getting started in the cryptocurrency market.

Deposits And Withdrawals deposit costs for currencies are zero, except for any typical network fees that may be charged outside of itself. Actually, there are no minimum deposit restrictions. However, the minimum order transaction size for all trading pairs is roughly $1 in price. Furthermore, does not accept deposits in fiat currency.

For withdrawals, click the Wallet icon at the top of the page and proceed to withdraw your earnings. If you have more than one currency in your wallet, you may do so here and input the address of a new wallet. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is used to secure this information. Although does not have a minimum withdrawal amount, the daily maximum withdrawal limitations vary for each currency due to the differences in their values.

It takes as long as the network can manage to withdraw funds from a account. The term “immediate” is often used, although, in actuality, it might take anything from a few minutes to many hours. Rarely, it may take up to a day, but the platform has no control over this.

Margin Trading

When margin trading, you may use’s leverage, which allows you to trade at a price that is many times more than what you really own. The margin might be based on the whole value of your assets or a separate pool of money put aside just for margin trading.

You may borrow money from other buyers and sellers at to use for margin trading. A liquidation may be necessary to safeguard all parties concerned. In this case, the entire assets of the margin account are monitored, and if the threat is more than the means to pay losses, forced liquidation happens. Fortunately, you can’t go into debt and can only end up losing your first investment.

Margin Trading in Source:

Margin Trading in Source:


Instead of merely trading on the fly, experts may want to think about dabbling with futures and margin trading.  A contract to purchase or sell these assets at a certain price at a specific date in the future is created. Basically, you’re gambling on generating a profit depending on a rise or decrease market.


An NFT is a unique non-fungible digital token that can’t be duplicated. Hence, possessing one implies you are the only guy on the planet that owns it. The Ethereum Blockchain is used to construct most NFTs, and the crypto exchange makes it very easy to buy and sell them.

 An NFT may be anything from a funny joke to a well-done digital painting to a virtual land. The blockchain assures that there can be only one genuine owner of the work created by the creators who trade NFTs.

Trending NFTS in

Trending NFTS in Source:


Developers may access the API by selecting ‘more’ from the drop-down menu and then scrolling down to API.  Using the platform and its historical data, you may construct your own user interfaces, trading bots, strategy builders, and other programs.

Desktop App

A window for the browser-style platform is provided by the desktop software. This saves some time and keeps your activity out of Chrome’s history. Both Windows and macOS versions have the same interface. It allows you to instantly access the exchange, swap accounts, and control alerts.

How To Open A Account

Opening a account is a simple process. To begin, go to the official website and double-check that it is the official one. After that, go to the top right corner of the homepage and click on the “Sign Up” box.

After doing so, enter your email address and password, as well as any referral codes you may have. Then, confirm that you are over the age of 18 and that you accept the user agreement before proceeding.

Creating an Account in Source:

Creating an Account in Source:

Verify your account by clicking on the link that was sent to you via email. Then simply log in to your account and continue on your journey.

Is Secure?

Several security features popped out throughout our examination. Signing up requires verifying your email and creating a different password for withdrawing crypto.

By design, two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled, requiring you to input a code given to your confirmed email address. From your settings menu, you may change this to an SMS text if you find it more convenient. employs SSL encryption to secure the data being sent. Despite the hassle of producing ID, KYC ensures only real investors use the exchange.  Cold wallets provide further security. Basically, they’re offline digital wallets that keep money on decentralized hardware. Although, is not as tightly regulated.

On the other hand, it implies greater crypto flexibility. The fact that there has never been a major security breach proves is legitimate and protects its users. Fees has a variety of fees. Thankfully, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees beyond the currency’s usual network fee. exchange fees are based on your 30-day trading volume and holdings.

If you want to exchange on the platform, 0.2 percent spot and margin trading fee, plus a modest withdrawal cost which varies with each currency being withdrawn. Total in other, comes beneath the inexpensive end compared with all crypto exchanges. No matter how expensive it is, it provides traders of all stripes with the assurance of a secure and safe exchange.

Besides, compensates its most engaged traders with substantial trading fee savings. Here is its fee schedule for people who exchange BTC monthly. The discount is applied to the usual trading cost of 0.2 percent.

Trading fee discount tiers on

Trading Fee Discount Tiers on Source: CryptoNews Main Drawbacks comes come with a few flaws that make it undesirable to consumers. Here are some of the more important ones.

Poor English

In response to China’s crypto crackdown, shifted its attention. Parts of the website are badly translated from Chinese. This weakens the platform and diminishes user trust. The user agreement is by far the most challenging to understand of all crypto exchange agreements.

No Fiat Withdrawals does not give the means to withdraw fiat currency. This implies that if investors wish to withdraw their fiat funds, they would have to shift the crypto to some other site that does accept fiat money withdrawals.

High Deposit Fees’s trading costs are in pace with other crypto exchanges. Nevertheless, these costs might be high since it solely utilizes third parties to execute fiat transactions. It is not possible to make a free bank transfer deposit here, unlike most other exchanges. Vs. Binance

Binance is one of the platform’s main competitors when compared to other exchanges. But which one of them should you pick?

An in-depth examination reveals that each platform provides basic and sophisticated trading options, including margin transactions with leverage. They also offer a ton of additional features., on the other hand, has the edge in terms of currency support. But, Binance comes out on top with 20x maximum leverage, whereas restricts users to 10x.

While Binance currently has a different website for US traders, both have identical security features. However, is accessible in more US states, despite similar restrictions. takes the cake if you’re a US resident.

Both sites allow you to purchase crypto using fiat money, but Binance gets the advantage here since you can keep a fiat balance and utilize it in transactions as well. only enables you to utilize the same fiat purchasing amount.

In general, Binance is more well-known and has a bigger trade volume each day. It also has reduced fees, especially for dealers with smaller volumes. In contrast, Binance’s 1st tier has a 0.10 percent Maker/Taker fee, whereas costs 0.20 percent.

Finally, Binance gives a superior chance to maximize earnings based on comparable features. Although if you’re from the US, you should consider using

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is My Cryptocurrency Safe With

Cryptocurrency investing is risky. Cryptocurrencies are new and unstable investments. Some investors choose to use an external digital wallet to avoid being targeted by criminals. In terms of safety, ticks a lot of the right boxes, but it’s far from ideal, despite the fact that it was never hacked.

How Do I Withdraw Money From

Because it accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to withdraw funds from Simply navigate to your selected digital wallet, and input the withdrawal amount and a valid address. Unfortunately, even though you can use fiat to purchase crypto, a fiat withdrawal of fiat cash is not possible.

What Are The Fees On does not charge a deposit fee. Unfortunately, you will face fees for withdrawing and trading on the exchange. Futures and crypto lending also have specific fees that you need to pay. has a generous tier structure that offers cost reductions to dealers that trade in large volumes regularly.


  • If you’re an experienced trader wishing to purchase lesser-known currencies, consider giving a try.
  • Users may easily acquire cryptocurrencies at market price or through sophisticated coin trading alternatives.
  • is a pretty secure site to use for buying and selling as it takes numerous security measures.
  • It features a range of fees, and there are no deposit or withdrawal fees above the currency’s typical network charge.
  • comes loaded with a few issues that make it unpleasant to customers, such as bad English, high deposit fees, and no fiat money withdrawal.
  • Finally, based on similar characteristics, Binance offers a better possibility to maximize revenue. However, US residents should consider choosing