FC Barcelona and Ownix to Release NFTs of Soccer Highlights

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The first five soccer highlights NFTs will be launched in a FC Barcelona minting event by the end of this month, revealed Guy Elhanani, CEO of Ownix. 

Ownix and FC Barcelona have joined forces in launching the newest NFTs collection featuring memorable soccer moments in order to connect with their international fanbase. 

The collection will highlight memorable and historical highlights from the club’s rich 122-year legacy, encompassing a total of 95 domestic and international victories, among which are 5 UEFA Champions League wins and 26 LaLiga national league trophies. 

The NFTs will be launched in the marketplace of Ownix using the native ERC-20 token ONX when the launch comes in late November. 

In an exclusive for Cointelegraph, Guy Elhanani said that NFTs will be available to all fans around the world without granting select groups such as season ticket holders or others early access. 

While NFTs are all the rage nowadays, the attraction from the athletic realm is off the charts due to having the opportunity for personalized and immersive experiences apart from the lucrative allure. In joining forces with the strongest professional leagues, clubs, and athletes globally, Sorare, Dapper Labs, and Socios have made great strides in commemorating international sporting events highlights via non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Sorare, an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, recently announced collaborations with La Liga, Spain’s major soccer league, to introduce digital player cards, as well as the Bundesliga, Germany’s analogous league, to launch digital memorable highlights.

Sorare has notified that the trading volumes in the platform have surpassed $170 million during this year and is anticipating a double increase before the beginning of 2022. 

“The first 5 NFTs will be launched in a minting event which will take place within the next few weeks in FCB facilities. In the first few weeks after the launch, the platform will offer unique items as NFTs. Further down the line, limited editions and collections will also be put up for auction,” notified Guy Elhanani.

Ultimately, Elhanani stated that both FC Barcelona and Ownix are excited about the NFT launch, especially since this will facilitate the strengthening of the bond between the two parties. 

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