Fake Video of SBF is Being Used to Scam Users Affected by FTX

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Recently, a fake video of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was being by scammers on Twitter, though users were quick to realize it is fake.

Over the last few days, a fake video of SBF has been circulating on Twitter. The video involved a link, which would be a phishing attempt that tried to steal users’ money. Check the video below:

The video is apparently an old video of SBF. Someone edited and voiced it over with software that made it sound like SBF. In the video, the “fake” SBF says to users that whoever was affected by FTX can retrieve their funds back by clicking on a link. Even more, they would receive “double” the money as compensation. The Twitter handle was “S4GE_ETH” but is now suspended after many reported the account.

What’s interesting to see is that the account was verified. To give more context, Elon Musk made it possible for anyone to have a blue tick verification if they pay $8 a month. This feature has been widely misused lately, as depicted by the deepfake video of SBF. 

Twitter Users Reacted

However, the crypto community was quick to realize that the video is fake and that it is a phishing attempt. Some even said that the SBF in the video at least admits his wrongdoings, unlike the real SBF. Others said the obvious that both the real and the fake SBF are trying to steal people’s money. 

Authorities, however, are constantly working on making crypto enthusiasts aware of all the phishing attempts, especially now after FTX’s collapse. In Singapore, for instance, authorities emphasized that no one can compensate users as of now.

Others have been mimicking SBF’s actions to make crypto projects. One recently launched meme coin was named WHAT after SBF tweeted “What” without giving more context after everything unfolded. This goes to show the current state of the market and how easy it has become for people to gain an advantage over a scandal that affected millions.

Though it is ugly that we still see such attempts to scam people, given what has already happened in the last few weeks in the crypto market. Users need to be more vigilant than ever. More importantly, they must remain optimistic about the future.

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