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EOS Launches EVM, Announces $60M Strategic Partnership with DWF Labs 

EOS Launches EVM, Announces $60M Strategic Partnership with DWF Labs 

EOS, an open-source blockchain platform, has announced the beta launch of its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) mainnet. The EVM is designed to enhance interoperability between the EOS network and the Ethereum blockchain, making it easier for developers to access resources from both platforms.

According to a press release, the EOS EVM will be deployed on the EOS Network as a smart contract written in Solidity, Ethereum’s native programming language. Developers will have access to numerous tools, resources, and open-source code libraries that will support it. The EOS virtual machine will bridge the two blockchains, gaining access to Ethereum’s vast resources while implementing its one-second block interval speeds and over 800 swaps per second with low fees. This will help to address Ethereum’s scalability challenges and slow transaction speeds.

Through the EVM, Solidity developers will be able to easily access EOS’s scalable network infrastructure, funding programs, and Ethereum’s resources. This will make it easier for them to build decentralized applications (dApps) that can run on both EOS and Ethereum.

EOS Foundation Partners With DWF Labs

In addition to the EVM launch, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has announced a strategic partnership with a market maker and investment firm DWF Labs. The partnership includes an investment deal of $60 million, which will be used to further the platform’s growth and development.

“Our strategic partnership will enable us to explore new horizons and revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem together, providing developers with the tools and resources they need to bring about a more decentralized and connected future,” said the Managing Partner of DWF Labs, Andrei Grachev.

DWF Labs will purchase EOS tokens worth $45 million and pump $15 million into EOS-based businesses and projects. The alliance between EOS Network and DWF Labs will channel their resources toward facilitating the growth of the EOS ecosystem, unveiling new potential in the web3 space.

This strategic partnership is a significant milestone for EOS, as it will help to attract more developers and investors to the platform. With DWF Labs’ financial backing, EOS will be able to fund more projects and initiatives, which will help to develop its technology further and expand its user base.

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