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Crypto Academy is a crypto marketing agency and crypto news media covering everything that happens in the crypto world.

The reason why we have started working is that we believe in decentralization and the bright future of crypto and blockchain.

  • We believe that everyone should have the freedom to control and own their money.
  • We believe that taking a loan should be easy and accessible to everyone, not give 200 papers before taking a loan.
  • We believe that the banking system is old and has to be changed.

We are passionate about crypto and we are involved since 2016 back when BTC was only 800$.

During the years we have worked with the largest companies worldwide making us one of the most successful crypto marketing companies.

What we appreciate in our journey is that we have started as slow as freelancers and we never stopped growing.

Today Crypto Academy has more than 15 employees such as Writers, Outreach Specialists, Social Media specialists making us one of the most authoritative crypto sites.



We handle the content for ByBit.learn. The articles we write about that category are intended to teach newbies about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We specialize in writing articles that rank well, with the right keywords, including guides, analysis, price predictions, news, and any other form of articles.

Results: Millions of readers every month, gaining knowledge about crypto & blockchain. Many of the articles are top-ranked on Google.

Trading Education

We have provided crypto and blockchain-related content for Our Trading Education articles are well ranked on Google. Our work has made the Trading Education website have more than 1 million monthly visitors. All this thanks to the great work of our team who has written unique articles, with highly searched keywords.

Results: We have ranked Trading Education for the most difficult keywords such as “Bitcoin Price Prediction”, 500,000 monthly searches, “Ethereum Price Prediction”, 350,000 Monthly Searches, “XRP price prediction”, 200,000 monthly searches, etc.

We help with link building and SEO. We are also a content provider for We write for them unique articles related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Results: The main goal of is to rank for the keyword “Best Crypto Signals” and we have helped them to do so.


We handle marketing for Everything related to marketing for FortKnoxster including link building, SEO, influencer marketing, social media, content writing/blog posting, and copywriting is our responsibility.

Results: From ranking 2400 in Coinmarketcap FortKnoxster has managed to come in 600th place with our help. We have provided Fortknoxster with PR/ SEO/ and Influencers. Furthermore, a ton of downloads have been sent through Email Marketing. 


We are proud to be part of the Food For Life Global marketing team. FFL has a partnership with Milk & Butter Token which is a charity token. We help the FFL website to grow and have as much presence as possible considering that the purpose of this project is to help those who need food. We handle content writing, guest posting, link building, and SEO for

Results: Significant traffic to the FFL website through the keyword “How to donate with cryptocurrency”. We made sure to target people who want to donate with crypto, using this keyword.


Content provider per Coin.Space. We write content regularly for Coin.Space. Our articles are well researched and have helped the site to rank better on Google. We take the writing of articles very seriously, so the success of our clients is not lacking.

Results: Top-ranked articles for keywords “Coin Wallet” “What is Engine Coin”, “Kusama’s Future”, etc.


We help with marketing. We provide link building and SEO, content writing, and other forms of marketing for Alphabit. Our articles, with a special focus on NFTs on this platform, have been extremely successful in bringing website traffic.

Results: Through our articles, Alphabit has received considerable traffic, especially for the keywords “The Future of NFTs”.

We have built for Ivan on Tech Academy more than 50 backlinks for less than 2 months with a cost of 0$. As we know Ivan is famous, so we used different backlink tactics and we gained more than 50 backlinks worth 15,000$ for 0$.


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