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Craig Wright Faces Accusation of Document Forgery

Craig Wight Faces Accusation of Document Forgery

The Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) has taken a stand against Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who claims to have invented Bitcoin. Wright is under scrutiny for allegedly using fabricated documents to bolster his claim to being the author of the seminal Bitcoin whitepaper from 2008. This revelation emerged during a trial in the UK, where COPA’s legal team highlighted the discrepancies in Wright’s evidence.

Philip Nathan Sherrell, a lawyer for COPA, has criticized Wright’s assertions of authorship as false. The trial, which commenced yesterday, has brought to light Wright’s reliance on documents that have been discredited by experts. Sherrell pointed out that Wright had failed to produce the required documents in a timely manner for the trial, resorting to submission of questionable documents on three separate occasions.

Experts appointed by Wright, including Dr. Placks and Dr. Lynch, have identified the documents as inauthentic. The first set of documents, claimed to be found on a “new drive,” and another set produced with LaTeX software, were particularly highlighted. This is in contrast to the original Bitcoin whitepaper, which was created using OpenOffice. Despite these findings, Wright has signaled his intention to submit a fourth set of documents, which COPA argues should be dismissed as unreliable.

The Ongoing Legal Battle Over Bitcoin’s Invention

COPA’s legal team, including senior member Jonathan Hough, KC, has been vocal about Wright’s alleged forgeries, arguing that Wright has not provided any credible evidence to support his claim as the creator of Bitcoin. The alliance has taken a firm stance against Wright’s narrative, emphasizing the lack of genuine proof in his assertions.

Wright’s legal representatives maintain that COPA has not conclusively disproven Wright’s claim to the title of Bitcoin inventor. The trial, which is capturing the attention of the cryptocurrency world, continues today, with the crypto community keenly awaiting further developments.

COPA originally filed a lawsuit against Wright in April 2021, seeking to prevent him from claiming authorship of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Despite Wright’s offer for a settlement earlier this year, COPA has chosen to pursue the matter in court. Wright’s journey to claim the title of Bitcoin inventor has been fraught with legal challenges, including a defamation suit against podcaster Peter McCormack and a case in Norway against Hodlonaut, both of which did not conclude in Wright’s favor.

This trial represents a significant chapter in the ongoing debate over the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. As the case unfolds, it sheds light on the complexities and controversies that continue to surround the origins of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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