Cosmos Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond – Will ATOM Reach $100

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Cosmos, defined as ‘Blockchain 3.0’, is a fast-growing ecosystem consisting of interconnected apps and services made for a decentralized future. The ecosystem compromises a unique combination of smart contract functionality with a very safe and secure system of trading and transaction without any involvement of mediators. Its Hyperblocks subsidiary runs the validators that help in its security. The network uses an asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance (aBFT) consensus model to validate transactions. Cosmos hub also resides inside Cosmos Hub, and Cosmos is a token to it. On the other hand, ATOM tokens are used for security purposes.

The primary focus of Cosmos is its programmability, and its center stage is the blockchain algorithm. Hence, it allows the benefit through a digital money perspective to users and also provides marketplace transactions, such as financial apps, games, and other services, which can be built on the platform. Furthermore, through its global expansion, it provides a network of a huge number of users and dApps (decentralized applications) and ongoing developments and upgrades.

Cosmos (ATOM) Fundamental Analysis

ATOM users can send and receive payment in any form of currency of their own choice using smart contracts, as ATOM has the ability to convert different types and chains of crypto assets. Its multifunctional characteristics allow diverse practical applications of existing security apps for data exchange and transactions. It provides complete accessibility in multiple layer solutions and supports the working of a number of application platforms on itself for a comfortable experience. Along with a standardized mechanism of scalability, ATOM has a key feature of trading different kinds of tokens through decentralized exchanges. The platform’s features, made especially for mobile applications and developers kits, are very supportive and friendly to users and have an independent algorithm. It also has the capacity for a plethora to be posted on ATOM’s sidechain.

Developers of Cosmos wanted to build a new generation of blockchain technology, and users can join it as a fast emerging token economy that is built on a stable and secure foundation. Users can create a decentralized finance application, exchange, or marketplace that can allow anyone to buy, sell, invest, and lend without a bank account. The platform also empowers the community in organizing and distributing resources among its members. It also gives them the right to vote for beneficial governance decisions. Users can even make in-game assets that would be owned by the players and would always be available to them. The lasting values in games can be transferred to another game or even to the real world by choice of the gamer.

How Cosmos Works

Despite the presence of thousands of cryptocurrencies, there lacks a source of communication among them. That is why Cosmos is considered one of the best platforms for fixing this problem and letting the blockchains connect. Each blockchain is called a ‘zone’ in this blockchain. An inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol connects these zones or blockchains together. Blockchains built on the basis of Cosmos retain their independence and interact with each other, all because of the combined deployment of both Tendermint’s Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus protocol and the IBC protocol. Tendermint, being a software company, contributes to the Cosmos network from the core. As a result, the network of Cosmos is able to launch high throughput need services, including decentralized content economy and open marketplaces.

Cosmos provides the developers with prebuilt modules to facilitate quick deployment of new blockchains that are customizable for specific use cases. Furthermore, Cosmos uses a proof-of-stake mechanism to secure the blockchain in an eco-friendly way. Hence, no one is able to spend money that does not belong to themselves.


Cosmos network has many hubs, and a PoS blockchain called Cosmos Hub consists of one of these hubs. ATOM is its native token that is required by any validator in the PoS consensus mechanism to take part in the validation process. So, the token’s fundamental purpose is to provide sustenance and security to the Cosmos Hub network. Other major purposes include spam prevention, staking, and governance. The token has a key role in the functions of Cosmos. It makes the network more resilient and robust. The holder can not only vote using it but can also allocate their right to vote for earning rewards. With the new interchain security feature, the token will also be able to earn more staking rewards by securing several chains.

Users can set the next-generation decentralized exchange and swap digital assets across chains. 

As the ATOM token is used as a fee during transactions, the more energy is used during transactions, and the more will be the transaction fee. Hence the network fee prevents wasteful network use and saves from spamming. The staking process increases the overall security of the network while providing an opportunity for users to earn rewards. As the cost of attacking the network is directly proportional to the number of collateralized ATOM tokens, the network security is further increased. Additionally, the holders of ATOM tokens have the right to vote for changes and development in the protocol on proposals with their staked ATOMs.

Cosmos Accomplishments

Cosmos has not published a new roadmap yet, but its initial plans have been fulfilled till now. First of all, Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman, the cofounders of Tendermint, released a whitepaper “Cosmos: A Network of Distributed Ledgers” in 2016. They introduced a new protocol for connecting blockchains. They launched the Interchain Foundation later that year to shepherd the development of Cosmos. On its initial offering (ICO), Cosmos raised $16 million in 2017. Cosmos launched the project’s initial version and the Cosmos Hub, which was the first blockchain working on the protocol, in 2019. Kwon, along with another early contributor Zaki Manian after going through a highly publicized feud, led the Cosmos’ founding team members to go their separate ways with three companies. Cosmos activated IBC by launching the Stargate upgrade. It was a critical project made for the first time to connect hundreds of Cosmos’ blockchains.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Analysis

The Cosmos is trading at a price of $9 presently at a trading volume of $1.3 billion million. It has a market capitalization of more than $2.6 billion. With a circulating supply of more than $286 million tokens, The CoinMarketCap currently ranks it as #30. Hence, it ranks among the top cryptocurrencies.

Cosmos Hub (ATOM)
Rank: 23
$ 11.89
Price (BTC)
$ 3.48 B
$ 145.19 M
24h Change
Total Supply
0.00 ATOM

Crypto Academy Cosmos Price Prediction

We have predicted the future prices on the basis of their performance in terms of technology and functionality, their unique fundamentals, and their past price history. It can vary in the future due to unidentifiable circumstances.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2022

With the help of several partnerships and collaborations with other blockchains, funding from communities, and their connectivity, the crypto market looks at ATOM as a forever-growing cryptocurrency. Therefore, the hopes for its price at the end of 2022 are quite optimistic, and it may reach the highest price of $40 by that time. On the other hand, the minimum price can be $34, with an average price of $37.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2023

As the strengthened ATOM token governs, regulates, and secures the blockchains network, based on its predetermined use cases, the token may continue to win the trust of users and could gain additional revenues and stability. As a result, ATOM can have a price as high as $60 by the year and as low as $52, with an average trading price of $55.5 throughout the year.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2024

With the help of its high ranks due to inter-trades and support for different types of applications, it would not be much difficult for ATOM to climb up to climax in terms of price targets. Starting from the minimum level of $65 to an average of $75, it can have a maximum price of $80.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2025

The significant stargate upgrade by cosmos can further lead ATOM to the all-time high price of $90. The minimum price can be $86, with an average trading price of $83 in the year 2025.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2026

The highly scalable and energy-efficient blockchain industry may further progress through updates. It may even move the network to 0.1 million transactions per second in scalability. According to Cosmos price predictions, the minimum, average, and maximum trading price levels can be $92, $96, and $100 by the end of the year 2026.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction
Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2022-2026

Cosmos Market Price Prediction

The crypto-related platforms and websites have given positive predictions about Cosmos, and we have mentioned some of them below.

Wallet Investors

They consider Cosmos to be a good investment. A total of 5.431 ATOM costs 100 dollars at present, and a long-term increase might occur in its price, making this $100 investment worth $598 in 2027. After five years, the price of an ATOM token can be $110. This revenue can be a positive increase of 498%.

They predict the maximum ATOM price to be $44.67 and the average price to be $41.71 at the end of 2022. Their estimation through a five-year plan indicates a high increase in its value. It can easily reach the value of $171 by that time. Their experts and analysts predict its highest price to be $1,325 by the year 2030.

Digital Coin Price

The digital coin price predicts the ATOM’s minimum price at the end of 2022 to be $22.38, with an average price of $24.39 and the maximum price of about $25.51. By the end of 2023, the minimum forecasted price of Cosmos can be $24.52. The average trading price could be $27.29. The Cosmos price can be at a maximum of $28.43 by 2023. By the end of 2025, the minimum value can be $32.12. The maximum value could be $45.12, and the average trading price $42.57. At last, in 2030, they predict a minimum worth of $81.44 and a maximum level of $91.02. The average trading price might be $89.71 throughout the year.

They have predicted the future price of this asset to be $55.7, with a positive increase of 169.53% in a year. So in a year, your current investment of $100 to be worth $269.5. In the next five years, they have forecasted the price of ATOM to be $298. 

How to buy Cosmos

We have given below a step-by-step guide to purchasing Cosmos (ATOM).

Step 1: Create an Account

First of all, you should create an account on an exchange platform according to your preferences. We would prefer Kraken this time for its experience loved by millions of global traders due to its features. The features include the client support it provides every time and everywhere, advanced tools for charts, and the use of spot trading on margin. For signing up on Kraken, enter a unique username and a valid email address. Then, set a strong password to secure your account.

Step 2: Select a Payment Method

For funding your account with fiat money, you can either use a credit card or bank transfer. For using cash in the form of USD or EUR, you may have to provide some supporting documents to verify your identity. However, for using a cryptocurrency like BTC or ETH, you may only have to provide your name, date of birth, phone number, and country. 

Step 3: Buy ATOM

After funding your account with cash, enter the amount of money you want to spend on ATOM. Next, read the expected outcoming amount and when you are ready and satisfied, confirm your purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cosmos a good investment?

Yes, it is a good investment, based on good price history and predictions. The price of the coin may double by the end of this year, hence is a good investment option. In addition, it is a good option for efficiently functional blockchain.

 Will ATOM reach $100?

The market price predictions say that the price of ATOM may effortlessly hit $100 by the year 2026.

Where to buy Cosmos?

You can buy Cosmos from Kraken, OKX, Binance, MEXC, DigiFinex, and Bybit.


  • Cosmos, defined as ‘Blockchain 3.0’, is a fast-growing ecosystem consisting of interconnected apps and services made for a decentralized future. 
  • Cosmos uses a very safe and secure system of trading and transaction without any involvement of mediators.
  • ATOM users can send and receive payment in any form of currency of their own choice using smart contracts.
  • Cosmos network has many hubs, and a PoS blockchain called Cosmos Hub consists of one of these hubs. 
  • ATOM is the native token of Cosmos.
  • The market price predictions say that the price of ATOM may effortlessly hit $100 by the year 2026.
  • You can buy Cosmos from Kraken, OKX, Binance, MEXC, DigiFinex, and Bybit.
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