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Coinbase To Integrate Lightning Network, Brian Armstrong Tweets

Coinbase To Integrate Lightning Network, Brian Armstrong Tweets

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms, has officially declared its intention to integrate the Lightning Network. This move is seen as a significant step forward for Bitcoin transactions, aiming to make them faster and more affordable. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, took to Twitter to share this development, emphasizing his commitment to advancing Bitcoin payments.

Armstrong’s Commitment to Bitcoin

Armstrong’s initial tweet stated, “We’re looking into how to best add Lightning. It’s non-trivial, but I think worth doing. I’m all for payments taking off in Bitcoin.” He further added that Coinbase has been instrumental in introducing numerous people to Bitcoin, possibly more than any other company globally.

Responding to critics and doubters about Coinbase’s dedication to Bitcoin, Armstrong stated, “Not sure why you think we’re ignoring Bitcoin – we’ve onboarded more people to Bitcoin than probably any company in the world.”

Viktor Bunin Leads the Lightning Network Integration

As the discussion on the microblogging platform heated up, Viktor Bunin quoted Armstrong’s tweet and shared some exciting news. He revealed, “Friends, I’m happy to say that I’m leading up this effort. DM me if you’d like to grab some time to chat Lightning support at @Coinbase.” He expressed an eagerness to gather insights on multiple facets, including support addition, user experience, open-source tools, service providers, and potential edge cases.

The Decision to Integrate

Brian Armstrong then quoted Bunin’s tweet, solidifying the commitment of Coinbase towards the Lightning Network. He commended his team for their exhaustive research and announced some new plans.

“The team did a great job digging into this, and we’ve made the decision to integrate Lightning. Bitcoin is the most important asset in crypto and we’re excited to do our part to enable faster/cheaper Bitcoin transactions. Will take some time to integrate so please be patient.”

Brian Armstrong on X

This news has added a new layer of excitement and anticipation in the crypto community. The integration of the Lightning Network signifies not only faster transactions but also the potential for more widespread adoption of Bitcoin as a daily transaction medium.

Industry Reactions: Michael Saylor Weighs In

The announcement drew attention from major figures within the cryptocurrency community. Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, commented on Armstrong’s tweet, sharing his enthusiasm for the move.

“Excellent decision. #Lightning⚡️will revolutionize #Bitcoin transactions and deliver the power of the bitcoin network to billions of people worldwide. Adoption of this protocol by every firm in the industry now seems inevitable.”

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy

The endorsement from an influential figure like Saylor underscores the importance of the Lightning Network in the crypto industry’s future. This protocol, when widely adopted, has the potential to make Bitcoin transactions more accessible and feasible for everyday uses, further solidifying Bitcoin’s position as a dominant cryptocurrency.

Coinbase’s announcement regarding the integration of the Lightning Network marks a pivotal moment for Bitcoin and its future in everyday transactions. With Brian Armstrong at the helm and with the involvement of experts like Viktor Bunin, the community remains eager to witness the transformation that this integration will bring. As the integration process unfolds, it will be interesting to see how other major players in the crypto industry respond and whether they will follow in Coinbase’s footsteps.

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