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Coinbase Collaboration with NBA and WNBA – Basketball Fans to Learn About Crypto

Coinbase Collaboration with NBA and WNBA - Basketball Fans to Learn About Crypto

Crypto companies are trying to enter the professional world of sports, one of them being the famous American exchange platform, Coinbase. The partnership between Coinbase and NBA is the first of this kind, respectively.

Multiyear Partnership Between Crypto Exchange and Basketball Association 

NBA is about to start the new season and simultaneously mark the 75th anniversary of the association, and another thing waiting for them is the Coinbase partnership.

Coinbase informed the public about the multiyear sponsorship deal with NBA, WNBA, NBA G League, NBA 2K League, and USA Basketball this Tuesday.

Thanks to this powerful duo both organizations will keep updated with the other section, that of sports and crypto. Sports fans will get the opportunity to keep up with the everyday advancements of the crypto market or get an even better experience if they are already investing in it.

Two Giants Together

Coinbase is always looking to get involved in things they believe in, therefore they now want to join the basketball community, starts the announcement chief marketing officer of Coinbase, Kate Rouch.  

She promised that the platform will come up with new ways to stay connected with the NBA and WNBA’s athletes and fans around the world.

NBA is also thrilled for the Coinbase collaboration, expecting new experiences, activities, and content they did not have before. Most importantly, the crypto exchange will get the chance to educate basketball fans about cryptocurrencies.

About 1.6 million people watched NBA games of the 2019-2020 season, as reported by Statista. Coinbase announced their logo will be shown during the televised games of the NBA’s 75th anniversary season.

Other Crypto-Sports Partnerships

Coinbase is not the first and only one to collaborate with sports teams, others have done it before as such sponsorships bring a lot of benefits for the crypto industry.

FTX, the crypto derivatives exchange, is an official sponsor of Major League Baseball since June and also secured naming rights to change the name of the Miami NBA stadium to the FTX Arena until 2040.

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