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BlockGames Airdrop Farming Takes Over Twitter

BlockGames Airdrop Farming Takes Over Twitter

BlockGames airdrop farming campaign on Crypto Twitter aims to replicate Portal’s success with its upcoming BLOCK token launch.

BlockGames has emerged as a formidable contender, launching an airdrop farming campaign reminiscent of the successful Portal token initiative earlier this year. This strategy, aimed at promoting the upcoming BLOCK token, has taken Crypto Twitter by storm, fostering an environment of relentless engagement and promotion among users.

BlockGames, a platform that merges mobile gaming with cryptocurrency, introduced its BLOCK airdrop farming campaign last Friday. The campaign aims to motivate users to actively share information about the platform across social media platforms, especially Twitter. By connecting their Twitter accounts to the BlockGames mobile app, participants earn points for tweeting about the platform or using specific hashtags related to the campaign. These points are set to be exchanged for BLOCK tokens following the official token launch and commencement of the airdrop.

Airdrop Farming Strategy

This method of promotion has led to a significant surge in activity on Crypto Twitter, with users frequently interacting with each other to amplify their reach. The campaign announcement alone has attracted millions of views and thousands of interactions, indicating a high level of interest and participation within the community.

The concept of airdrop farming is not new to Crypto Twitter. The community witnessed a similar phenomenon with the Portal token’s Crystal Dash campaign late last year, which culminated in the token achieving a market cap of over $561 million on its first day, aided by a Binance Launchpool rewards campaign that attracted over $9 billion in crypto stakes.

Given the success of Portal’s airdrop farming strategy, there’s a palpable anticipation surrounding BlockGames and its BLOCK token. With Crypto Twitter already buzzing, the question remains: will BlockGames replicate or even surpass the success of Portal’s launch? The crypto community watches eagerly, ready to see if BlockGames’ innovative approach will set a new standard in crypto gaming and promotion.

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