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Bitcoin Could Surpass Microsoft In a Year

Bitcoin Could Surpass Microsoft In a Year

The growth of Bitcoin may surpass Microsoft in a year, aiming to eventually outvalue gold with significant price milestones ahead.

Bitcoin is rapidly advancing on a path that could see it outperform Microsoft in terms of market capitalization within the next year. This trajectory places the cryptocurrency in an elite category, with only gold posing a significant challenge ahead. To ascend beyond gold and claim the pinnacle of the market cap leaderboard, Bitcoin would need its price to exceed $800,000.

As of March 2024, Bitcoin celebrated a milestone by reaching a new all-time high of $73,679 on March 13. This achievement underscored its over 140% growth compared to the previous year, showcasing its resilience and growing acceptance in the financial world. Remarkably, Bitcoin’s surge allowed it to momentarily eclipse silver, positioning itself as the eighth most valuable commodity globally.

Bitcoin’s Potential 

Analyzing the current market dynamics and projecting Bitcoin’s growth at a similar pace suggests an astonishing potential. By April 2025, Bitcoin’s value could soar to around $170,574. Such a valuation not only reaffirms its dominance over silver but also propels it past major corporations like Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Saudi Aramco, Nvidia, and Microsoft. This forecast places Bitcoin in an unprecedented second place among the top 100 commodities by capitalization, according to CompaniesMarketcap.

Top 10 Assets by Market Capitalization. Source: Companies Market Cap

While these projections are based on the assumption of Bitcoin’s growth in a static market environment, they offer a glimpse into the cryptocurrency’s burgeoning influence. For instance, to reclaim and secure the eighth spot by surpassing silver again, Bitcoin’s price needs to slightly increase to about $71,732, reflecting a market capitalization of roughly $1.413 trillion.

Google and Amazon, with market capitalizations of $1.885 trillion and closely trailing, could soon find Bitcoin leapfrogging into the sixth place with an estimated price of $95,642. This leap would position Bitcoin right behind Saudi Aramco’s $1.984 trillion market cap.

Surpassing Tech Giants 

The journey doesn’t stop there; Bitcoin’s ambitious path involves overtaking giants like Nvidia and Apple, aiming for a market value of about $2.65 trillion. To displace Microsoft from its second-place position, Bitcoin would need to hit a price of approximately $165,608 per BTC, surpassing Microsoft’s $3.126 trillion cap. Given Bitcoin’s year-over-year increase of approximately 144.82%, achieving a price of $170,574, hence a market cap of about $3.224 trillion, is within the realm of possibility.

Ultimately, for Bitcoin to dethrone gold and stand atop the market cap leaderboard, a monumental price point of roughly $800,476 per BTC is necessary, targeting a market cap surpassing $15.15 trillion. This scenario paints a future where Bitcoin not only reshapes the landscape of digital currencies but also redefines the very essence of value and investment on a global scale.

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