Binance Pool is Launching a New Lending Project for Blue-Chip Miners

Recently, Binance Pool announced that it is launching a new lending project worth $500 million for “blue-chip” Bitcoin miners.

The announcement indicates that Binance Pool, which is a subsidiary of Binance, is currently aiming to alleviate the challenges the crypto miners currently have in the market. 

This new project worth half a billion dollars requires several conditions to be eligible for applying, however. First and foremost, the lending project entails an 18 to 24-month maturity with interest rates ranging from 5% to 10%. Moreover, to apply for a loan, the miner(s) must provide physical or digital assets as collateral.

To be eligible, miners must also demonstrate their mining capacity (i.e. quality of mining rigs), credibility, good performance, etc.

In line with this project, Binance Pool is also working on a cloud mining medium, allowing more people to have access to crypto mining. This increased accessibility might be necessary given the increased difficulties in crypto mining. 

To put into context, Bitcoin mining recently hit a new record in terms of difficulty, which given the bearish nature of the current market, aggravates the conditions of BTC miners.

Other details regarding the new lending project may come in the coming days or weeks.

In other news, Binance is continuing its effort to expand globally, despite the bearish nature of the crypto market. It has opened offices in New Zealand and Brazil recently, suggesting the expansionary motives that Binance and Changpeng Zhao has.