Where to Buy Saitama Inu – Best Exchanges to Buy SAITAMA

New cryptocurrencies are being launched every day. Some of them may offer good services, and some of them are around simply because it has become so easy to launch a new blockchain-based project. With the rise of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu came the trend for meme-influenced cryptocurrencies. Such is the case of Saitama (SAITAMA).

While it is clearly influenced by Dogecoin, Saitama has distinguished itself as a rather serious project. Its community has expanded over the months, and it has the potential to grow at large rates in the future. Despite being relatively young in the market, Saitama has now been listed on several centralized exchanges where users can directly buy from. In this article, we are focusing on some of the most reliable and legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy SAITAMA.

Best Exchanges to Buy SAITAMA

Initially, the only to buy SAITAMA was through a decentralized exchange in the Ethereum network, as Saitama is built on Ethereum. Now, you can also use centralized exchanges to buy SAITAMA with ease, but not all of them are quite trusted by users, so it is better to stay away from some of them. Here is a list of the best exchanges to buy SAITAMA coin:


Uniswap is a decentralized exchange. To buy SAITAMA in Uniswap, you need to have a Metamask wallet and deposit ETH in that wallet. Then, you can easily buy SAITAMA. 

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Gate.io is a centralized exchange. It has been around for years now, and it is one of the most reliable crypto exchanges in the market. It supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including SAITAMA. It is perhaps the most optimal solution when it comes to buying SAITAMA.

Saitama (SAITAMA) on Gate.io

Buying Saitama (SAITAMA) on Gate.io. Source: Gate.io


LBank is also one of the reliable crypto exchanges when it comes to purchasing SAITAMA. While it may not be the best out of the bunch, it is definitely one of the easiest to use. 


Lastly, the other legit crypto exchange that you can use is MEXC. MEXC provides ETH indexes, has a user-friendly mobile app, and it supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Some have raised concerns that there are some questionable group members in the exchange.

Which Crypto Exchange To Use For Saitama Coin?

When it comes to picking the best solution for buying SAITAMA, you should carefully analyze each of the above-mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges so that you can weigh your options. 

If you prefer a fast and efficient way to buy SAITAMA, then the best solution for you is Gate.io. Gate.io has proven itself to be one of the best exchanges in the market, so you may not face any issues when buying SAITAMA.

If you prefer a safer way, but at the same time a bit more complicated, then it is best if you use Uniswap. When buying SAITAMA with Uniswap, your funds directly go to your Metamask wallet, keeping your funds safe from potential hackers.

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  • Saitama (SAITAMA) can be purchased through both centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • To buy SAITAMA through a decentralized exchange, you need to use a Metamask wallet and Uniswap.
  • The most trusted centralized exchanges for buying Saitama (SAITAMA) are Gate.io, LBank, and MEXC.
  • Gate.io provides the safest and most efficient means of buying Saitama coin.