Best Crypto Launchpads 2022 – Detailed Review

Every crypto project needs to have initial funds to have a successful launch and then develop further. There are very few cases when a crypto project was launched without initial funds and succeeded. Hence, developers usually ensure that a project has an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). 

These initial token sales are getting more popular nowadays, as it is more accessible to new startups that want to fundraise more efficiently. They make sure that projects can gain funds so that they can develop their projects as promised to the community. It’s worth noting that the rise of the crypto market in 2021 led to the creation of thousands of new cryptocurrencies. With each of them aiming for the moon, it became essential to use as many initial sales so that cryptocurrencies could compete in a rather competitive environment.

So how can you have these initial token sales? The answer to that is crypto launchpads. This article focuses on crypto launchpads and the best launchpads for 2022. 

What are Crypto Launchpads?

Simply put, crypto launchpads serve as the medium for new crypto startups to secure and raise equity. Any blockchain-based technology can use crypto launchpads and allow interested investors to have access to token sales prior to the public launch. These launchpads usually have low fees and allow investors to invest earlier than the rest while paying fewer fees.

On the other hand, developers can accurately depict what their project entails through the launchpads. This also enables other investors to find out about the token besides the already-existing community.

The biggest advantage of launchpads could be the fact that each project needs to be verified. This means that launchpads prevent scams from occurring. No one can launch an initial sale on the launchpad, take the money, and leave the project after getting the money. Hence, launchpads have revolutionized the way that cryptocurrencies are launched. 

So what are some of the best crypto launchpads that could prove to be key in 2022?

Best Crypto Launchpads for 2022


Quite easily, PinkSale is one of the best crypto launchpad protocols currently in the market. PinkSale has been one of the most used launchpads in terms of the initial token sale for a while. Anyone can use PinkSale and launch their tokens in just a few clicks of buttons. The best part of it all is that you do not necessarily need to know coding to launch your token with PinkSale. You can easily create your desired tokens with the desired tokenomics and mission through PinkSale. You can do both public and private presales with PinkSale, allowing you to specify the minimum and the maximum amount of tokens that investors need for participating in the presale. Furthermore, you can also put a soft cap in your presale. This ensures that even if your project does not receive enough funding, investors can then withdraw without losing any money. Furthermore, PinkSale has a number large of unique visitors compared to crypto launch pads around 10 million monthly. 

In terms of fees, PinkSale offers some of the lowest fees in the market. You can launch in various blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, KuCoin, Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche, and Fantom. If you want to know about the fees for each chain, then click here.

Pinksale has also some amazing features that make every project launch easily and safe such as

  • Pinksale Bot
  • Pinksale Airdrop
  • Pinksale Lock
  • KYC/AUDIT services
  • List of marketing partners that makes it really for the serious project to launch successfully

There are more than 9000 successful projects launched on Pinksale.

Pinksale review 2022


Binance Launchpad

As the name suggests, the Binance Launchpad is yet another promising crypto launchpad. It offers users the to launch their BSC-based tokens with ease, which millions of users have access to. Hence, the Binance Launchpad is mainly focused on targeting Binance users. 

The good thing about the Binance Launchpad is that there are many success stories on this launchpad. It has proved to be quite an effective fundraising tool so far, and it may as well continue to be so throughout 2022. With BSC being one of the most used chains in the market, the Binance Launchpad has loads of potential to have increased user volume in the coming months.


A direct competitor to the Binance Launchpad, the BSC LaunchPad is yet another promising crypto launchpad. Also focused on BSC tokens, the BSC Pad is actually the first IDO launchpad in the Binance Smart Chain. 

A big advantage of the BSC pad is that it also offers an anti-bot system, just like PinkSale. This means that no automated system can automatically fill whitelist spots for an investor during the presale. Hence, BSC Pad focuses on giving everyone a fair chance of participating in limited-time IDOs.

BSC Pad also has its utility token with the same name. BSCPAD powers this launchpad, and it makes sure that the goal to make each launch is as fair to users as possible.


Another crypto launchpad worth putting on this list is Unicrypt. Unicrypt aims to make launchpads as accessible as possible to three different parties: developers, incubators, and investors.

They aim to make token development as easy as possible. Unicrypt’s technology and its partnerships that can thoroughly review your project have made this feature realistic.

For incubators, Unicrypt aims to become be an efficient token incubator and fundraiser.

For investors, they aim to be as user-friendly as possible so that anyone can easily participate in initial sales. 

Unicrypt also provides launchpad services to three different chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.


TrustPad is one of the safest decentralized fundraisers in the market. Also built on the Binance Smart Chain, TrustPad supports Ethereum and Solana. Moreover, TrustPad supports the Certik Skynet, making security a priority.

TrustPad has partnerships with major institutional investors, including Twin Apex Capital, meridian Capital, Tokenova, Lupa X, Wealth Union, 4SV, etc. These partnerships further show the growth potential that TrustPad has as a multi-chain launchpad. TurstPad’s native token is TPAD. Users can stake TPAD and gain earlier access to some of the token sales. Hence, TrustPad could benefit both investors and developers.


Last but not least, StarPunk is yet another top choice as a launchpad. Starting off as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), StarPunk mainly provides startup opportunities to NFT and decentralized gaming cryptocurrencies, such as the likes of Axie Infinity. With play-to-earn becoming much more relevant nowadays, StarPunk could see huge growth in user count in 2022. Besides its token auction system, it has tons of other decentralized services that make it one of the best launchpads on the list. StarPunk is currently working on securing more partnerships so that new decentralized games might be launched. Each incubator can deploy its games in StarPunk and raise funds due to the latter’s ever-growing community.


  • Successful cryptocurrencies usually have initial token sales before public launch.
  • The easiest way to have an initial token sale is through crypto launchpads. 
  • PinkSale and StarPunk are a few of the best crypto launchpads for 2022.
  • Other worth-noting launchpads are the Binance Launchpad, the BSC Pad, Unicrypt, TrustPad, etc.