Unexpected Bear Market Indicator Spotted by Dogecoin’s Billy Markus

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The founder of the meme cryptocurrency has his own market sign to determine whether there are bearish prospects on the horizon. 

Billy Markus, the developer of the most prominent meme coin in the crypto market, has revealed the first indication of the cryptocurrency bear market with his Twitter followers, which is both rare and amusing.

The well-known statement “I am in for the tech” appears in the crypto realm practically every time there is a significant downturn. Long-term traders and investors that lose a lot of their investments prefer to rationalize their protracted deficits by claiming that their analysis relies on the underlying value of the projects for which they have made an investment.


Later on, Billy Markus had an epic reaction to the Bernie Sanders meme. The meme features a giant red candle that represents a significant market collapse, and naturally, the “I’m back in for the tech” phrase.

The iconic catchphrase originally gained traction in 2018, when Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies dropped close to 80% of their price owing to a “bubble collapse,” as many analysts dubbed the adjustment.

Many investors were left with cryptocurrencies from enterprises that had exited the market, and undertrained crypto aficionados used the fantastic “technology” underlying the enterprises they invested in to defend their investment.

The creator of Dogecoin (DOGE) recently mocked Web3 technology, claiming that “Web3 individuals” are only concerned with profit without having any interest in swapping valuable goods in exchange. Markus joined Elon Musk some time ago in criticizing new technology, calling out its absence of usefulness and effectiveness in the present internet age.

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