Azuki Twitter Hack – Over $750K Lost in 30 Minutes

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The recent hack of the Azuki Twitter account has once again raised the alarm about the vulnerability of social media platforms to cybercrime. The attacker drained over $750K in just 30 minutes by tricking users into sending funds to a fake land minting site. 

This is not the first time that scammers have targeted the NFT collection. A previous incident occurred in April 2022, where a deluge of compromised verified Twitter accounts with Azuki profile pictures promoted airdrop scams.

An hour after the account was compromised, Azuki’s Head of Community and Product Manager, Dem, announced in a Twitter Space that the Azuki team was in touch with Twitter and was working to regain control of the account. 

“We’re on top of the situation,” he said.

However, this incident is not an isolated one, as the Twitter account of trading platform Robinhood was similarly hacked earlier in the week to promote a crypto scam, though the hackers in this instance were only able to make away with roughly $8,000 in cryptocurrency.

These incidents highlight the need for social media platforms to improve their security measures and for users to be more vigilant in protecting their information and funds. 

The Azuki team’s swift response in reaching out to Twitter and working to regain control of the account is commendable. Still, it is also crucial for individuals to take proactive steps in securing their own accounts.

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