ASICS X SOLANA UI Collection To Launch Running Shoes

ASICS, a Japanese sportswear company, announced the launch of the ASICS X SOLANA UI Collection. 

This limited edition of shoes might earn the buyer a chance to win a limited edition ASICS X STEPN GT-2000 NFT. 

We see a place for us to help in Web3 and bring products that inspire people to be physically active. For us, it’s just a different way of telling stories about our products and getting specific communities excited about them.” – Joe Pace, ASICS director, said. 

ASICS X SOLANA UI collection shoes

(Source: ASICS)

Joe Pace said they chose to collaborate with Solana to create a fast and scalable product affordable for the public.

We want to be building our program on a blockchain that we know can scale globally from day one and beyond. People build on Solana, and it is builder-friendly. If we can keep that builder community healthy by going for walks and runs, it all comes back full circle. The healthier and more active they are, the better programs and apps they can build on Solana.” – he continued. 

According to ASICS, the GT-2000 shoes are available for pre-order from today, Nov 4, until Nov 8. The price goes around $200 in dark and light mode and can be purchased using Solana Pay.