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Challenge: Agora Tech Lab (ATL) is a company dedicated to improving global waste management by employing blockchain to decentralize waste management systems. They have a well-branded website but their goal was to increase their media presence and get featured on top tier sites worldwide.

Solution: To increase their online presence and drive more traffic to their site we decided to write a press release and publish it on our website, and

How we did it: We received all the necessary information from the company by communicating with them in telegram. We wrote the Press Releases and sent them for review by Agora Tech Lab.

Before publications

After receiving suggestions and the green light from Agora Tech Labs we decided to publish it. Below are illustrated publications.


After Publications


The client was happy with our work and recommended us to other brands who were looking for the same services.

✅Our articles appeared on the first page of Google on the day of publication.

Sucessful Stories

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